Are Liberals Tolerant of Conservatives?

February 26, 2014

By: Lisa Weitkamp

The liberals tell us to tolerate other people’s views, however, when a conservative expresses his point of view on a particular issue, the liberals turn intolerant. They will say that person is closed minded or his beliefs are archaic. They ask the person why he does not accept other peoples values.

Why should a conservative surrender his values because it offends someone else or because his views differ from that of another person? Those who preach tolerance need to be more tolerant, and they need to “get over it” when they hear beliefs that are different than their own. Unlike liberals, conservatives operate on fact, not on emotion, so they are not easily offended when someone doesn’t agree with them.

As conservatives, we have facts on our side. We have researched the issues at hand. We think about what these issues mean and how they effect our country’s future. We think about how these issues effect our family as well. As a conservative, I personally enjoy talking with people who disagree with me because those discussions help reaffirm my beliefs and challenge my critical thinking skills. Those discussions also help me see different points of view. I am tolerant of others. I allow others to express their beliefs. I will be respectful. At the same time, though, I expect the same treatment from these people. I will not compromise my values to keep them from being offended or have their feelings hurt.

The left wants to silence conservatives, but I will not be silenced. I will speak of freedom, of God, and of common sense. The founding fathers believed as I do, thus the creation of the Constitution. Until recently, our country thrived because we followed the Constitution and God. Now our country is no longer a prosperous nation.  In addition, conservatives are constantly accused of “offending” someone because they mention God or the Constitution.

What I find offensive is the petty name calling and the criminalization of people with whom the “tolerant” left disagree. Look at former Alaskan governor Sara Palin. She was attacked, along with her children, for her political views. Yes I realize as a political figure you are exposing yourself to all the public scrutiny, but the treatment of Sarah’s children in the media was unprofessional to say the least.

If the president’s daughters are off limits (and they should be), then why the double standard? Can you say intolerance? When a person professes they have conservative ideals and beliefs, no tolerance for them. In fact, they are attacked by people who are on a seek and destroy mission and whose goal is to ultimately silence the person.

The unforgivable sin in the eyes of the elites is a conservative professing a belief in God and quoting the Bible. There is no room for this behavior in the socialist utopia. The liberals want to create a place where the thinking and decision-making will be done by the “educated, enlightened, and all-knowing” progressive leaders who know what is best for the simpletons.

While the left will tolerate alternative lifestyles, abortion, environmentalists, atheists, Muslims, any other religion except Christianity, same sex marriage, transgenders, drug addiction, illegal aliens, people who refuse to work, and even some terrorists (the list is quite long), they will not tolerate the concept of self reliance, small government, responsibility for one’s own actions, and the strict interpretation of the constitution. Let’s not forget true freedom either.

True freedom I believe is summed up by the ability to do what I want with my life. What a wonderful gift from our founding fathers to have the ability to live the way I desire or open a business without having to ask a few bureaucrats’ permission. What is better than knowing I can express my beliefs without attacks from the “tolerant” ones?

The biggest fear of the elites is for everyone to have the ability to be independent, self-sufficient and free from government intrusion. When the government offers to take the burden of responsibility off our backs, the result is the loss of independence, or in other words freedom. Remember the goal of the left is to control. Social programs are designed to remove personal responsibility. For example, abortion takes the most important responsibility away, which is the role of parenting. The logic used for social programs is they are there to help the misfortunate.

In the past 40 plus years, social programs have trapped people into poverty. The key to eliminate poverty is jobs, but the regulation the elites say we need have killed job growth, causing welfare to grow. When conservatives say “reduce regulations” the liberals scream,”You are heartless and have no compassion!” The progressives will never tolerate anyone who is a threat to their power and control agenda. If you stand for freedom, the constitution, free market and the American way of self-sufficiency, you will be demonized. You will be attacked personally and professionally.

What progressives fear mostly is truth. The truth will expose their evil ways. For those of us who know the truth, we need to speak it. Therefore, as I said before, I will not be silent. I will stand for freedom, truth (God) and the Constitution. I will be heard. I can tolerate different opinions, but I will not tolerate oppression of anyone no matter who they are or what they believe. I will stand for everyone’s right to be heard whether or not I agree with them. I will use my freedom of speech because I am a conservative and I am on the right. Plus, it is the right thing to do.

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