WHO’s on First

April 14, 2014

The World Health Organization once again hoping to spread doom and gloom as well as their mantra of man cause global warming now claims that one in eight deaths are attributable to pollution. And where did those numbers come from: no one knows, just kind of pulled it out of their magical hat.

It is much more likely that indoor air pollution is a bigger culprit because of cooking and heating in poorly ventilated living areas using dung, coal, and wood. While claiming that economic development is also to blame, it is the economic development of lower cost cleaner fuels that has reduced the number of pollution deaths.

While the World Health Organization claims it is their policies on climate change that are helping to alleviate the problem nothing could be farther from the truth. It is their promotion of costly, inefficient, intermittent, unreliable renewable energy sources such as wind and solar that keeps developing nations from clean low-cost energy resources.

Not having low cost energy creates disease and death from poor indoor air quality, spoiled food, and unsafe drinking water and other diseases from the lack of proper medical facilities. Socialism and Liberalism is always about good intentions not good results. As Abbott and Costello would ask, “WHO’s on First?”



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