Who Should Decide for America?

February 13, 2014


By: Lisa Weitkamp

Someone recently stated he did not want a few people with certain religious views to decide for the rest of us. He was referring to Christians. Then who should decide? And why can a few non-religious people decide for the majority, including Christians?

As we look back in history and at our current times, we will see and can see where a few individuals have disliked the presence of God in public places and thus wanted any references to him removed. Examples include: prayer in schools and Christian owned companies ordered to serve/hire homosexuals or provide abortion drugs to employees. Let’s not forget Roe vs. Wade. What better way to attack Gods people than to destroy his most precious gift- the gift of life.

Christians are the target of more persecution everyday, even in America. One Nation Under God? Not anymore. I never thought Christians would be persecuted in the United States or that this country would become a socialist society. Then I read how our “President” is pushing for religious freedom in other countries but not here? He says he is a Christian while at the same time he supports attacks on Christians or ignores their cries for help.

Why are we falling away from our Founding Fathers ways? Because more people have decided to allow government to care for them in place of God. They do not want limitations on their lifestyle. God is a crutch for them. “The government will let me do what I want and give me what I want with no strings attached, ” they convince themselves. Ironically, this same belief is causing less freedom and more government control. They do not recognize this way of living as a problem. They want Uncle Sam to decide for them. They cannot think rationally for themselves.

When people voted for Obama in the 2012 Election, their votes were based on emotion and desires, not on the Bible, logic, or common sense. They are blind to the fact that the Bible nor God is a crutch. In reality, God’s wisdom frees us from making bad choices and trapping us in a life of sin.

Unfortunately, even though God’s word might be freedom for Christians from making bad choices, for those who choose to ignore his calling, they are trapping Christians. They accuse God’s children of being intolerant and of being racist or homophobics if the truth is spoken. Christians are being backed into a corner. They cannot express their beliefs anymore without an outcry from the other side. And they better not dare suggest changing the law based on a “fairy tale” or some “higher being.”

For now, even though the battle may appear to be in favor of the government and the non-Christians, the true Christians cannot let go of victory. They need to stand for the truth, vote for leaders who do the same, and pray for our country to once again let God be the ultimate decision-maker. Yes, He should decide for us in that we should base decisions on his Word and his wisdom. Even the leaders in Washington, D.C. are not smart enough to run this country on their own wisdom. They need to turn to God for all decisions. Just think how wonderful our nation could be if it had not turned it’s back on God and how wonderful it could be if it turned back to God?

God will not bless a nation that rebels against his Word and his commandments. There is a correlation between God being removed from our country and it’s problems. The more we turn our backs on him the more problems we will face.

With the 2014 Elections around the corner, the fate of our nation is at stake. If leaders with more conservative views can gain control of the Senate and maintain control of the House, then America stands a chance of recovering from the impact of incompetent leaders. Hopefully these new leaders will base their decisions on the Bible and the truth while giving more control back to the people as well.

Yes, Mr. “I Don’t Want a Few People with Certain Religious Views to Decide for the Rest of Us”, Christians will make decisions for everyone because God said so and he is the ultimate decision-maker. If you don’t like it, talk to him about it. You will have to answer to him one day anyway. Might as well be on his good side. And there are more Christians than you think. More than “a few”. Something to think on.

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