The Right Being Right

October 23, 2013

Ecclesiastes 10:2 says, “The heart of the wise inclines to the right but the heart of the fool inclines to the left.” Think about how this verse applies to politics.

The conservatives, or right-wingers, are generally Christian and have deep morals. They seek their wisdom from God.  The liberals, or left-wingers are generally weak Christians or not even Christian at all. Their wisdom comes from man. Whose wisdom is better? What happens when we rely on God’s wisdom? Man’s wisdom?

The liberals claim they have the facts while accusing the conservatives of lying. The conservatives claim the same story only vice versa. So who do we believe?

It seems the conservatives hold more credibility. Why? Lets look at what Mitt Romney said after the 2012 election. He predicted a government shutdown and issues with the debt ceiling. We all know what happened there.  Then what about Obamacare? Conservatives have warned the American people that it was a train wreck. Now people cannot sign up and others are discovering their premiums will increase through the roof. Other people are finding out their insurance will change along with their doctors.

The liberals lied about Obamacare, Benghazi, the IRS, and numerous other events. So why do people still believe them? Liberals definitely have the gift of gab. They can spout off enough information to write a book, and they sugar coat information. They also spread false gossip about conservatives by saying we are terrorists and racists. Since when is standing up for the Constitution considered terrorism?  The liberals are the ones who are terrorizing this country. Unfortunately, though, people who cannot think for themselves, believe every word the liberals say. It is as if the liberals hypnotize these blind and ignorant souls. These souls do not have God’s wisdom to discern fact from fiction either.

What can we do  as Christians and conservatives? Pray for people to see the truth and for the truth to come out. We need  more people  to incline to the right and away from the left.

We can also be loving and patient. Liberals are like children. Think about how they whine, call us names, throw a fit, blame us for their mistakes, and deny their misbehaviors.  We have to give them time to change.

We need to consider how we interact with Liberals, too. We cannot be hateful because this causes rebellion from the other side. There is a place and time for righteous anger but not in everyday interactions with the left. We want to create an atmosphere where they will open up to us and hear us out.

Of course we do not give in to their demands. We need to stand firm in our beliefs. They may ridicule us, persecute us, and take away our freedoms. However, we need to act right when being right. We need to be the better people. Don’t sink to their level. Lets rise above them and bring them with us!!

If we want to see our country get back on the right track, we need to follow Jesus example. Also, we need to unite. Quit turning on each other. Put aside those labels of Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc. What matters is we follow God’s laws and do what is best for our country.

If we do not change our ways, this country will not change either. It is up to us to create the right change. Let’s be the wise ones and lead the foolish ones back to the right path.  Seek His wisdom and understanding on how to direct the lost ones back.

Keep in mind these changes will not happen overnight.  Our country did not fall away from the truth overnight either.  We have to persevere, especially when the situation seems hopeless or seems too hard to handle. If we stay in the good fight, God’s plan will prevail. America can and will come back if we fight for it. This is not a war that can fought with weapons or bombs. It has to be won by the truth. The right has to remain right in all it does.

So think about what you can do to help bring this country back.  It may be just praying or it may be running for Senate. Who knows? Ask God and seek God on what to do. He will show you. There is hope for our country but it will require us, who know what is right, to share the truth in the right way with those on the left.




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