The Land of the Entitled, Complacent, and Intolerant

November 7, 2013

When we sold our house last year, we settled on an offer that was not much more than what we paid for the house twelve years prior. Now while I realize the housing market was in a slump and people were trying to get the best possible deal, I also think the buyers took advantage of the situation and expected to get a lot while paying little.

We came out of the house situation breaking even while they came out ahead. Sure, the house needed some minor cosmetic work but the significant parts of the house were in fine shape. These people did not have to act like they were entitled to a nice house for little money just because the housing market was not up to par. It is one thing to get a good deal on a buy like a house and it’s another thing to be unfair to the sellers just to save yourself some money. There has got to be some give and take here where everyone is a winner.

Unfortunately, this sense of entitlement is the mindset of many people in our country. Granted, although I know there are people who truly need assistance, there are other people could work and they do not want to do so. They want to receive government handouts because it is easier. They do not want to work or earn their way in life. They mooch off others because they “deserve” it. They want it all for free.

These same type of people only care enough about the government to get their fair share while not caring about what our government is doing otherwise. They do not care if people are being persecuted for their beliefs, or if millions of babies are aborted every year. They do not care if the government is shutdown. They want to live their lives happy and carefree without the burdens of real world issues. They want to party and impress people with their possessions and looks. Even on Facebook people only want to see “happy” posts. They cannot handle the truth such as seeing pictures of aborted babies.

Even Christians are complacent with political issues because they believe government and religion should not mix. When the government is infringing on others rights to speak their beliefs and practice their faith, then yes, we should mix government and religion.

As American citizens, we need to be informed about the issues present in our government. I bet there are people now, though, who do not even know about Obamacare and it’s fiasco.

Our leaders and our President prey on uninformed voters and citizens. And just like those people, some of our leaders do not care what happens to our country either. I mean, why would they? As long as they get their way and people just follow along like little puppies, they have what they want. The sad truth here is, these leaders represent the type of people we now have in our country.

When people voted last year in the 2012 Presidential Election, they only voted for the person who would give them their rights. They did not consider other factors like experience and common sense. Mitt Romney had business experience and could have fixed our economy, but no, people were brainwashed into thinking he was creating a war on women. Really? Since when is wanting to save unborn babies, who would later become women, a war against them? And just because a person has a “right” to choose, does not make it right.

Christians are expected to be tolerant of others beliefs and rights while at the same time being persecuted, called names, and falsely accused when they express their beliefs and stand up for their rights. The same people who push for equality are the same ones who treat others of opposing views with intolerance. Just because Christians speak God’s truth does not mean they are intolerant. They are showing tough love.

Now that so many people are becoming lazy, selfish, uncaring, and hateful, our country has suffered loss of freedoms, increase in violence, more government involvement in our personal lives, more people on welfare, and an economy that is headed for a collapse. God’s hand of protection has lifted off America because her people have rejected Him and his ways.

We cannot point the finger at others either. The change we want and need for this country starts with us. We all need to change to some degree. We can get a good deal but only if it’s fair. Help others get back on their feet. We can show tough love by sharing God’s truth. Be bold about the issues that matter. Earn our way. Be informed.

Of course, there has to be a balance. We cannot be so focused on serious matters that we miss living a happy life. I am not saying people should not have a good time and be happy. However, we cannot live in a fantasy land either or place ourselves in a plastic bubble. We have to do our part to help our country come back to life. Let us be that land of the free and home of the brave again, instead of the entitled, complacent, and intolerant.

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