The American Dream

December 6, 2013

The American Dream. It sounds so promising and wonderful.  If only it were not an illusion but instead a reality. While a few lucky souls still make it to the top, more people are struggling not to go under the ladder of success. Why?

Taxes and regulations. Taxes and regulations are necessary to keep people safe, provide quality services, and maintain fairness. However, these same factors have hurt small businesses.

I know a former truck driver, who was also an owner/operator. He had dreamed of driving a truck since he was a boy. When he finally opened his business and bought his truck, he was on cloud nine. His dream had finally come true. At first, he brought in so much income that he was able to save about $40,000. Then when the economy tanked, so did his savings. He ended with $40,000 in debt. He had no choice but to file bankruptcy.

The declining economy only magnified all the fees, taxes, regulations, poor paying rates on loads, and high fuel prices this truck driver had to face every day. In addition, I was his dispatcher so whatever hits he took, I suffered as well. When he closed his business, I was out of a job. My family lost that income.

We need to remember that when small businesses close, the owners are not the only ones affected. Their employees and families are affected as well. The more people out of work, the more the economy suffers.

Another more recent example of a business closing due to regulations is the Doe Run Company in Herculaneum, Missouri.  The company closed because it was too costly to install the pollution control technologies mandated by the Clean Air Act. Although 75 of the 145 employees will remain through 2014 to help with closure of the facility, they will also be let go. There are also 75 contractors being layed off.  Think about the families, friends, and businesses affected by this event.

Then what about the businesses who have cut employees hours or been threatened with fines because of Obamacare? If Hobby Lobby loses the fight against the HHS mandate, which requires it to provide birth control to employees, its stores will not remain open. It cannot afford to pay the fines.  The employees will be out of a job like so many others

Speaking of Obamacare, this law also covers abortions. While some regulations are out of control, the ironic part is that businesses like Planned Parenthood are not regulated enough. Women are deceived and mistreated all the time. Worst of all, babies are brutally murdered. They never even get the chance at life or pursuing the American Dream.

If we want to save lives, promote fairness, and good performance why not start here? Why should a baby-killing business profit off our tax dollars while honest, hard-working individuals suffer? Why should Planned Parenthood use our money to prosper while the rest of us struggle to pay our bills? The businesses who should be regulated are allowed to run care-free while the businesses who need less regulations are pressured to the point of death. Even though Planned Parenthood has seen some clinics close, there are still too many open.

The government is growing too big, and now that the Democrats have ended filibusters, Obama can add more liberal judges who will most likely create more regulations.

Do liberals want businesses to fail? Do they want more people out of work and on welfare? Do they want us to depend on them so they can have complete power? Or are they truly clueless as to how their actions are hurting our country?

So, what do we do? We need to speak out and share our stories, especially with those people who favor more government control. Explain to them that bigger government means less freedoms. Show them how history proves government control is only a road to a country’s failure.

We can also vote for less regulations, when possible, for small businesses and vote for more regulations on businesses such as abortion clinics. We also need to push for Republicans to gain control of the Senate again.

Even though the country is in the midst of a nightmare, we cannot lose hope or quit dreaming of a better tomorrow. We can pursue the American Dream with perseverance and boldness.

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