The Real Bill Clinton

March 11, 2014

It was astounding to see the Democrats select Bill Clinton as their keynote speaker for their 2012 convention. Women still swoon.  Loyalists still worship the ground he walks on.  This was the same Bill Clinton who fired White House employees and accused them of criminal activity and were exonerate only after costly court battles.

His wife Hillary procured 900 FBI files on their political adversaries. Mrs. Clinton had the Rose Law Firm billing records in her possession while they were under subpoena for several years. Mr. Clinton use the FBI and IRS against his political adversaries. He had his law license suspended for several years for lying under oath, suborning, and perjury, crimes for which he was impeached.

He had sexual relation with an intern close to his daughter’s age. He raised tax retroactively to 1/1/93 before he even took office. He was responsible for the taxation of Social Security income. He was offered Bin Laden by Saudi Arabia but declined. During his watch we experienced the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, 1998 African embassy bombing, the bombing of the USS Cole, and the downing of TWA 800, all with no US response.

He was the beneficiary of the Dot Com bubble. A balanced budget was more the work of a Republican Congress than his own efforts and left George W. Bush with the consequences of its eventual collapse. This is the legacy of the Real Bill Clinton.



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