Obama the Great?

September 19, 2013

Tuffy the Clown recently performed at the Jaycee Fairgrounds in Jefferson City, Missouri. While people there laughed at his antics, it wasn’t so long ago at the Missouri State Fair that some people were offended that he would dare mock Obama the Great. What is so hard to understand is why people did not react the same way when Tuffy performed that same scene with Bush, Clinton, and Reagan. Why do people become so easily offended when a negative remark is spoken of “President” Obama?

Obama acts like a king and people treat him like a king. Some even go as far as comparing him to Christ! What has he done that is so great? Whenever liberals are asked this question, they spit out words like, “You are racist!” and “It’s Bush’s fault!” Or they do not even answer at all. What is going on here? It is almost as if the followers of Obama are in a cult who have been brainwashed into thinking he is the answer to our nation’s problems. He is the “Savior.”

Yes, it is true, that just like Jesus, he has caused division and strife among believers and unbelievers. He has also caused many people to turn more to God because they realize the government is not going to help them. Of course there are those illegal aliens and welfare fans who receive handouts, but for the honest, hardworking American citizens, God is their only hope.

However, surely Jesus does not support the killing of unborn children, and he does not say it is okay for same sex couples to marry. People will say “Love is love.” No, Christ is love. Christ speaks the TRUTH, too. Obama lies so much he probably doesn’t know how to tell the truth anymore, even if his life depended on it.

If Obama is so great, why is America worse now compared to when he took office in 2009? Oh, right, the Republicans have stopped him from creating jobs. As a matter of fact, according to his followers, the Republicans have caused all the problems we have now. Obama is perfect and never makes a mistake.  To them he really is like Christ.

If he really is like Christ, why are people, even his followers, so hateful and selfish? Why are people so unhappy? Doesn’t Christ bring joy and love? Doesn’t Christ bring generosity? Understanding? Kindness? Patience? Peace? What has Obama contributed to his people besides lies, empty promises and empty words?

Somehow, though, despite his epic fails, Obama the Great was just picked as the 5th best president by the Democratic Press. Lets not forget the Nobel Peace Prize, either. What do his followers see in him that the rest of us don’t see?

If Obama is like Jesus, why is he more concerned with playing golf and taking extravagant vacations? Shouldn’t he be concerned about the people’s well-being? Saving them, that is. He only offers hope for change that ruins America.

The decisions Obama makes are foolish. Jesus, on the other hand, is wise and he obtains his wisdom from the Father. He follows the Father’s will so he is glorified. Obama only wants to glorify himself, especially in the wake of tragedy. God says we should not take joy in others miseries or take pride on ourselves. We need to seek wisdom from him, not man.

To go as far as to say Obama the Great is The Anti-Christ mentioned in Revelation is probably not true. He may be an anti-Christ, though, in that he rebels against Christ, and he may be setting the stage for the true Anti-Christ. Time will tell.

So, if Obama really is great, what is great about him? He is the Great Divider, the Great Liar, the Great Ego, the Great Destroyer, and the Great Immoral One. With these qualifications, Obama is far from being like Christ. He is more like the Evil One. Unfortunately, his followers are too blind to see him for his true Character. They are captivated by his fancy speeches and multitude of promises for a “better” tomorrow which never comes.

The only hope we have now is to pray for Obama the Great’s followers to see the truth before it too late, and to pray for the rest of us to stand our ground with the only true Great One, Jesus Christ.

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