Correlation Means Causation

February 26, 2014

A man comes up to a member of the Obama administration and asks: What does it take to become an ambassador?” The official replies, “About $500,000 dollars.” It sounds like a one liner in a comedy skit but it is actually the modus operandi of the Obama administration.

George Tsunis, ambassador to Norway, admitted he has never been there. Noah Bryson Mamet, ambassador to Argentina, has not been there and does not speak Spanish. Robert Barber ambassador to Iceland has never been to Iceland. Colleen, ambassador to Hungary and a producer of soap operas, has never been there. The Center for Public Integrity found that Obama nominated 23 bundlers, who raised a total of $16.1, to be ambassadors.

And what is the response of White House Press Secretary: “Just because you bundle for this administration it does not guarantee you an ambassadorship nor does it exclude you from consideration.” The fact is “money talks.” Maybe Jay believes we are ignorant; maybe he believes we don’t care; or maybe he doesn’t care what we believe.

Is no coincidence and it is no mystery why the United States is neither feared nor respected by other nations. Our foreign policy has become the laughing stock of the civilized world. One thing we can say for certain: when it comes to ambassadors appointed by President and the amount of money they raised for his campaign, Correlation Means Causation.

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