America’s Hope: Republican Senators

March 6, 2014

By:Lisa Weitkamp

I have been watching the Senate Races in three states: Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. According to Larry J. Sabato’s Crystal Ball, he predicts that Illinois is safe for a Democrat being elected for Senate while Iowa voters are leaning Democrat and Minnesota voters will likely elect a Democrat. Should the Republican candidates running for Senate in these states quit now? NO! Now is the time for these candidates to step up their game plan. What should they do to gain an edge on the stubborn democrats?

Theses potential Republican Senators need to campaign, campaign, and campaign. Spread the word about their experiences, their beliefs, their goals for their states and America. Reach out to the voters who normally favor democrats, such as immigrants, women, and the younger people. Present the facts. Convince them that Republicans can and have managed the affairs of the nation more efficiently than Democrats. Convince them the Right cares about them.

As for us average American citizens, we should encourage our friends, loved ones, and acquaintances to vote for true Republican Senators in states where the red is threatened to be overcome by the blue. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the U.S. Map entirely red?!

We also need to encourage others to research these candidates. Look at their records. Do they support the 2nd Amendment? Do they seek to protect traditional family values and the unborn? Will they repeal and defund Obamacare? Do they want to reduce regulations and encourage job growth in order to improve the economy? Do they have experience balancing budgets and reducing debt in other leadership positions? Will they protect the Constitution? Will they seek to eliminate Common Core, allowing education to be controlled on state and local levels. Do they want to limit government control in general? What about term limits? Do they believe Congress should have term limits to avoid career politicians? Do they want to reform the tax codes so they are simple and fair? Will they secure our borders and quit rewarding illegal aliens? Do they support building the Keystone Pipeline and using our own resources for energy needs? Will they reform the VA system so our veterans can receive benefits without hassle? Do they want to strengthen our military so we have strong homeland security? Will they strive to maintain a strong alliance with Israel? These are all important issues which need to addressed.

If possible, vote on the candidates who are endorsed by the Tea Party. In addition, we have to be wary of the candidates who put on the Republican name tag but who are not actually one of us. One candidate stated that Christians and military members are the terrorists. Immediately a red flag went up. Why would he hold such a belief? Would he target Christians and military members the same as our opponents do?

The House and the Senate needs strong Republicans in order to silence Dictator Obama, who says he can do whatever he wants. He may not be qualified to be a president but he is qualified to be the perfect dictator, thus the name Dictator Obama.

As long as Obama’s minions run the show, a.k.a. The Senate, what chance do we have to save the country? And God forbid they gain control of the House as well.

We have to speak up and fight for what belongs to us-our freedoms, our military, our Christian faith, our families, and our children’s future. 2014 is the year to make or break America as we know it. We need to spread the word, pray, and support those who present themselves as true leaders for America.

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