WHO’s on First

The World Health Organization once again hoping to spread doom and gloom as well as their mantra of man cause global warming now claims...

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The Real Bill Clinton

It was astounding to see the Democrats select Bill Clinton as their keynote speaker for their 2012 convention. Women still swoon.  Loyalists still worship...

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America’s Hope: Republican Senators

By:Lisa Weitkamp I have been watching the Senate Races in three states: Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. According to Larry J. Sabato’s Crystal Ball, he...

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Are Liberals Tolerant of Conservatives?

By: Lisa Weitkamp The liberals tell us to tolerate other people’s views, however, when a conservative expresses his point of view on a particular...

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Correlation Means Causation

A man comes up to a member of the Obama administration and asks: What does it take to become an ambassador?” The official replies,...

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Who Should Decide for America?

  By: Lisa Weitkamp Someone recently stated he did not want a few people with certain religious views to decide for the rest of...

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Life Cycle of a Democracy

We study history to learn from history and avoid repeating mistakes made by other people and other civilizations. Tyler Alexander, a Scottish history professor,...

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How many Americans have read the Constitution or its Preamble? Or, for that matter, how many politicians, lawyers, teachers, and elected officials have read...

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The American Dream

The American Dream. It sounds so promising and wonderful.  If only it were not an illusion but instead a reality. While a few lucky...

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The Land of the Entitled, Complacent, and Intolerant

When we sold our house last year, we settled on an offer that was not much more than what we paid for the house...

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The Right Being Right

Ecclesiastes 10:2 says, “The heart of the wise inclines to the right but the heart of the fool inclines to the left.” Think about...

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Obama the Great?

Tuffy the Clown recently performed at the Jaycee Fairgrounds in Jefferson City, Missouri. While people there laughed at his antics, it wasn’t so long...

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